Hello, i'm Albin Antony.I love working on interesting projects no matter the field.

[1] What I Do

  • WEB-Full-Stack
  • Node.js
  • Reract.js
  • Svelte
  • Express.js
  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • Flutter
  • Git
  • C++/C
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Dart
  • Gaming
  • Books
  • Youtube
  • Anime
  • Security
  • CTF's
  • [1.0] Experience (Present)

    Primarily a FrontEnd Developer. Worked on the web journey side of the embedded finance from zero to prod.

    As a software engineering intern. Worked with the frontend team on Reactjs.

    Nissan Digital

    Was part of data engineering team. Did a POC of making tableau voice interactive.

    [1.1] Projects


    An application that supports crowdsourcing, fire reporting and verification, notifying the stakeholders and visualizing essential data. Developed as part of Nasa Space Apps Challenge.

    Project Maa

    Developed a Web app for pregnant women.A companion app for mothers.A venture to help all the moms out there

    Grievance Redressal System

    Online platform for students and faculties to submit issues and grievances in the college.

    [1.2] Fun Projects


    A malayalam based scripting language. Basically a malayalam version of Python3.

    Vazha Sense

    A VScode extension for vazha script. Intellisense for manglish to vazha script(malayalam) coding.

    Hand Brick Breaker

    A port of the classic Brick Breaker. The paddle can be controlled with hand movements.

    Pocket Manager

    Android app written completely in flutter to track borrowed and lent money.

    [1.3] Freelance

    Portfolio website for a friend. [Link]

    Website for a recording studio. [Link]